Located on Route 113, fifteen minutes from Fryeburg and thirty minutes from Bridgton, Stow is the gateway to the White Mountain National Forest through Evans Notch. Scenic drives, breathtaking mountain views, clear lakes and streams, wildlife and outdoor recreation opportunities including camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, canoeing and bird watching all make Stow a special place.

With only 312 people in the 23 square miles of Stow, there just might be a larger horse population. Students attend school in Fryeburg. Stow's most notable event was the July 1993 discovery of a 9-pound amethyst crystal at privately-owned Eastman Mine on Deer Hill. Though that mine is off-limits to the public, for a fee you may acquire a permit to a mine on the east side of Deer Hill and spend the day looking for amethyst, tourmaline and other gems.

FMI:; town office: 207.697.3944


Deer Hill Bog A wildlife viewing blind including benches, cut-outs for viewing and informational posters offers a quiet place to watch the natural habitat in Stow. The bog is a result of man and nature working together. And old wood dam and a beaver lodge created this 25-acre bog. From moose and Great Blue Herons to aquatic plants and tiny organisms, over 90 species make their home here.


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